Smart Marketing Group x KDC Electrical Case Study


Quick Summary

For those who prefer the highlights or are short on time, we've distilled the essence of our case study with KDC Electrical into a brief summary below.
  • Platforms: Website + Google Ads
  • Case Study Duration: One month
  • ROAS: 12.04
  • Invested: £121 on Google Ads
  • Results: Generated 24 qualified leads
  • Return: Sold £2,831 worth of services

The Challenge

KDC Electrical an electrical contractor based in Belfast, Northern Ireland had long been reliant on word of mouth for consistent work. With the expansion of the team, they wanted to bring in more electrical emergency jobs but they were unsure as to how to achieve this and get seen online.

The Solution

To enhance KDC Electrical’s market presence and increase the intake of emergency electrical jobs, Smart Marketing Group crafted a bespoke, multi-tiered digital marketing strategy. This approach was specifically designed to boost their online visibility and drive immediate results:

• Website Development: We developed a customised website for KDC Electrical, focusing on their expertise as electrical contractors. The website features a modern, user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of navigation for all visitors. Direct calls to action are strategically placed to encourage prompt customer contacts for emergency services.

• Google Tag Manager Installation: To gain deep insights into user behaviour and effectively track conversions, we installed Google Tag Manager on their new site. This tool has been pivotal in measuring the performance of our marketing efforts, allowing for data-driven adjustments to optimise effectiveness.

• Google Ads Management: Recognising the urgent nature of emergency electrical services, we set up and continuously manage targeted Google Ads campaigns. These campaigns are specifically designed to highlight KDC Electrical's rapid response capabilities and reliability, ensuring they appear prominently when potential customers search for emergency electrical assistance in Belfast.

This strategic digital overhaul has not only increased KDC Electrical’s online enquiries but has also significantly boosted their visibility in local search results, establishing them as a top choice for immediate electrical solutions.

The Outcome

KDC Electrical's strategic online transformation yielded remarkable results. With a modest investment of only £121 in Google Ads, we managed to secure 24 high-intent leads. This outcome not only demonstrates the efficacy of a well-crafted website paired with precisely targeted ads but also highlights the value of smart spending in digital marketing. KDC Electrical's case study is a testament to how targeted digital strategies can lead to significant business opportunities, even with limited budgets.

client testimonial

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"Working with Josh from Smart Marketing Group has been a game-changer for KDC Electrical. They understood our need to expand into emergency electrical services and delivered a digital strategy that was spot on. With their expert guidance, we developed a dynamic website and launched targeted Google Ads that brought in 24 high-intent leads from a minimal spend of just £121. The team at Smart Marketing Group is not only skilled but incredibly responsive and dedicated to achieving real results. I couldn't recommend them highly enough for any business looking to boost their online presence effectively."

Michael Snoddy

Owner of KDC Electrical

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