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Each case study highlights a unique set of challenges, objectives and how our team of experts leveraged their skills and creativity to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

From increased website traffic and engagement to higher conversion rates and revenue growth, our success stories demonstrate our commitment to delivering measurable results and driving business success.

Tool Monster

Google Ads
The campaign for Tool Monster demonstrated a significant return on investment, with a total ad spend of £2,300 yielding an actual conversion value of £30,600, and achieving an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of approximately 13.3x. This campai...
The campaign generated a significant total of 942,000 impressions, showcasing that the ads were displayed to a vast number of potential customers who were actively seeking tool retailing services. This extensive reach suggests a high level of visibility and awareness generated for Tool Monster within the targeted audience segments.
Out of the 942,000 impressions, a total of 12,300 clicks were generated, indicating a solid click-through rate (CTR) of around 1.3%. This CTR demonstrates that the ad copy and targeting strategies employed in the campaign were effective in capturing the attention of potential customers, driving them to engage with the ads.
The campaign exhibited an average cost-per-click (CPC) of £0.19, which is an extremely competitive cost for acquiring interested, quality leads. This low CPC suggests that the campaign was optimised efficiently to reach the desired audience at a very cost-effective rate, making the most of the budget allocated.

Derry Bros Customs Clearance

Google Ads
Our Google Ads campaigns for Derry Bros Customs Clearance delivered impressive results, including generating an estimated return of £26,655 from a spend of £1397.54. The campaign generated 110 leads, indicating that the targeting strategy was succe...
Improved visibility: The campaign generated 29,237 impressions, which increased Derry Bros Customs Clearance's visibility in search engine results. This helped to increase brand awareness and attract more potential customers to their website.
High click-through rate: The campaign generated 997 clicks, indicating a high click-through rate (CTR) and demonstrating the effectiveness of the ad copy and targeting strategy in attracting relevant users.
Efficient cost-per-click: The campaign achieved an average cost-per-click (CPC) of £1.40, which is relatively low compared to the industry average. This helped Derry Bros Customs Clearance to maximize their return on investment and generate more leads at a lower cost.

The Car Buyerz

Google Ads
Our Google ads campaigns for The Car Buyerz were highly effective in generating quality leads, with a total of 168 leads generated. Despite spending £863.47 on the campaign, the estimated returns were £37,315, indicating a high return on investment...
The campaign generated a total of 7,470 impressions, indicating that the ads were being shown to a large number of potential customers who were actively searching for car buyers in their area.
Out of the 7,470 impressions, 774 clicks were generated, indicating a high click-through rate (CTR) of over 10%. This means that the ad copy and targeting strategies used in the campaign were highly effective in attracting the attention of potential customers.
The campaign had an average cost-per-click (CPC) of £1.12, which is a reasonable cost for highly targeted, quality leads. This suggests that the campaign was optimised to reach the desired audience at an affordable cost.

Elements Wellness Studio

FB & IG Paid Ads
The social media campaign for Elements Wellness Studio was highly successful, with 8402 people reached and 40897 impressions generated. The studio spent £272.46 on the campaign, which resulted in estimated returns of £1724 (which is still increasin...
With a spend of just £272.46 on the campaign, the estimated returns were £1724 but this is still climbing as their clientele return on more than one occasion. This campaign was highly successful in generating bookings and revenue for the studio.
The campaign resulted in 23 confirmed bookings for the studio, which is a positive outcome. In addition, the studio received multiple phone confirmed bookings that could not be tracked, indicating that the actual number of bookings generated by the campaign may be higher than what was recorded.
The campaign targeted an older demographic with spare time during the day, and it was successful in generating engagement and bookings from this target audience. This suggests that the campaign was effective in reaching the right audience with the right message, resulting in positive outcomes for Elements Wellness Studio.

O'Neill Motors

FB & IG Paid Ads
The Smart Marketing Group's Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign delivered outstanding results for our client. Despite only spending £303.97, the campaign generated estimated returns of £37,950. It helped increase the client's visibility and...
The estimated returns from the campaign were £37,950, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Smart Marketing Group's advertising strategies in driving sales and revenue for the client.
The total cost of the campaign was only £303.97, providing the client with excellent value for their advertising spend. This low cost was achieved through effective targeting, messaging, and creative, which maximised the impact of each ad.
The campaign generated 138,427 impressions, ensuring that the client's ads were seen by potential customers multiple times, improving the likelihood of engagement. These impressions also helped to establish the client's brand as a reputable and trustworthy source of quality used cars.

La Bella Vita

FB & IG Paid Ads
Our advertising efforts delivered concrete results for the client, with 32 new bookings generated as a direct result of the campaign bringing in just over £10,000 of business that they otherwise wouldn't have had.

Our advertising campaign f...
The estimated return on investment for the campaign was £10,505, which was a significant increase in revenue for the salon. Additionally, the campaign generated 34 confirmed bookings, helping the salon to continue growing and expanding their customer base.
The client spent £582.39 and generated an estimated return on investment of £10,505. By achieving a high return on investment, the salon could generate significant revenue from the advertising campaign while keeping its advertising costs low.
La Bella Vita's ads generated 114,396 impressions means that their ad campaigns were successful in reaching a large number of potential customers. By displaying their ads to a wide audience, the salon was able to increase awareness of their services and brand.

Hawk Walks NI

FB & IG Paid Ads
The social media campaign for Hawk Walks NI that focused on selling gift vouchers was a great success, resulting in 58 website purchases. The total amount spent on the campaign was £388.71, with £5,529.80 brought in on sales. The campaign reached 1...
The Hawk Walks NI social media campaign was a resounding success, resulting in 58 website purchases. The development of a creative strategy that showcased the unique and unforgettable experience of a bird of prey encounter, combined with a targeted social media strategy, resulted in a high number of website purchases, surpassing the client's expectations.
With just £388.71 spent, the campaign generated a purchase value of £5,529.80, demonstrating a high return on investment. The campaign's success highlights the power of social media advertising as a cost-effective way of driving sales and expanding a business's reach.
By reaching 17,164 people and recording 86,014 impressions, the campaign expanded the business's reach and created awareness among potential customers. The customised audiences created based on interests and demographics helped in reaching out to the right people.

Hair Loss Rehab

FB & IG Paid Ads
The funnelled social media campaign resulted in a positive return on investment with an estimated return of over £57,000 whilst generating quality leads and providing data-driven insights for future marketing efforts. With over 53,000 people reached...
Positive return on investment: Despite spending nearly £800 on the campaign, Hair Loss Rehab saw an estimated return of over £57,000. This means that for every pound spent on the campaign, they generated over £70 in revenue, making it a highly profitable investment.
Quality leads: The campaign generated 78 leads, indicating that many people who engaged with the ads were interested in becoming paying customers. This could be a positive sign that the campaign effectively targeted the right audience and delivered a compelling message that resonated with them.
Increased brand awareness: The campaign reached over 53,000 people, resulting in nearly 150,000 impressions. This means that a large number of people were exposed to the brand and its services, which could lead to increased brand recognition and awareness.

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