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Case Study
Client Case Study

The Car Buyerz

The Car Buyerz are a revolutionary car buying service that offers an unparalleled experience to those looking to sell their car without the headache associated with traditional methods. With offices strategically located in Belfast and Leeds, they provide an effortless and seamless process for people looking to sell their car.

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Data sample above is reported between 12/02/2023 and 13/03/2023 (1 Month)

The Challenges

The Car Buyerz faced several challenges generating leads before approaching us, including low visibility in search engine results, difficulty reaching their target audience, limited brand awareness, slow organic lead generation, and inconsistent lead quality.
Low visibility in search engine results: One of the biggest challenges The Car Buyerz faced was not appearing on the first page of search engine results when someone searches for terms related to selling their car. This limited the number of leads they were receiving.
Difficulty reaching their target audience: Without a targeted marketing strategy, The Car Buyerz struggled to reach their desired audience. This resulted in a lower number of leads and a longer sales cycle.
Limited brand awareness: If people are not aware of The Car Buyerz and the services they offer, they may not consider selling their car to them. This can be especially challenging if competitors have a higher level of brand awareness.
Slow organic lead generation: Although organic leads can be valuable, they take time to generate. In a competitive market, waiting for organic leads to come in may not be enough to sustain the business.
Inconsistent lead quality: If The Car Buyerz is relying on referrals or other less predictable lead sources, they may find that the quality of leads is inconsistent. This historically resulted in wasted time and resources chasing leads that did not convert.

Our Solutions

To address the challenges faced by The Car Buyerz, a Google ads campaign was launched to increase their visibility in search engine results, generate leads quickly, and improve lead quality. The Google ads strategy that would work best for them would be to use targeted keywords, ad groups, and ad copy that would appeal to their desired audience.

The first step was to conduct extensive keyword research to identify the keywords that people used when searching for car buyers in their area. The keywords were then grouped into ad groups, each with its own set of targeted ads. This ensured that the ads were highly relevant to the user's search query, increasing the likelihood of clicks and conversions. The ad copy was written to be compelling and engaging, highlighting The Car Buyerz's unique selling proposition (USP) and the benefits of using their services. The ad copy also included a strong call-to-action (CTA), encouraging users to take action and contact The Car Buyerz to sell their car.

To improve lead quality, the Google ads campaign targeted users who were actively searching for car buyers in their area. This was achieved by targeting users based on location and search intent, ensuring that the ads were only shown to users who were highly likely to be interested in The Car Buyerz's services.

In addition, the Google ads campaign used negative keywords to filter out irrelevant searches, further improving the quality of the leads generated. The campaign was monitored and optimised regularly to ensure that it was delivering the desired results and achieving a high return on investment (ROI).

The Outcome

Our Google ads campaigns for The Car Buyerz were highly effective in generating quality leads, with a total of 168 leads generated. Despite spending £863.47 on the campaign, the estimated returns were £37,315, indicating a high return on investment. The campaign generated a total of 7,470 impressions, with a high click-through rate of over 10%, indicating that the targeting and ad copy were highly effective in attracting potential customers. The average cost-per-click was £1.12, a reasonable cost for quality leads. Overall, the Google ads campaign was highly successful in generating quality leads quickly and driving revenue for The Car Buyerz.
The campaign generated a total of 7,470 impressions, indicating that the ads were being shown to a large number of potential customers who were actively searching for car buyers in their area.
Out of the 7,470 impressions, 774 clicks were generated, indicating a high click-through rate (CTR) of over 10%. This means that the ad copy and targeting strategies used in the campaign were highly effective in attracting the attention of potential customers.
The campaign had an average cost-per-click (CPC) of £1.12, which is a reasonable cost for highly targeted, quality leads. This suggests that the campaign was optimised to reach the desired audience at an affordable cost.
The campaign spent a total of £863.47, which is a relatively small amount compared to the estimated returns of £37,315. This indicates a high return on investment (ROI), suggesting that the campaign was highly successful in generating quality leads and driving revenue.
The campaign generated a total of 168 leads, which is an impressive result that shows the campaign was highly effective in generating high-quality leads quickly. This suggests that the targeting and ad copy used in the campaign were highly relevant to potential customers, resulting in a high conversion rate.
Client testimonial

I'm so glad I reached out to Smart Marketing Group for help with our Google ads campaign. They were able to provide us with a highly effective and targeted strategy that generated over 400 high-quality leads in one month. The team was responsive, professional, and really took the time to understand our business and our unique needs. They were able to optimise the campaign to achieve a high return on investment, driving revenue and growth for our business and have worked with them for a few months now. I couldn't be happier with the results and would highly recommend Smart Marketing Group to anyone looking for help with their Google ads.

Ryan Fargher
Co-Owner of The Car Buyerz

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