Smart Marketing Group x Derry Bros Customs Clearance Case Study


Quick Summary

For those who prefer the highlights or are short on time, we've distilled the essence of our case study with Derry Bros Customs Clearance into a brief summary below.
  • Platforms: Website + Google Ads
  • Case Study Duration: One month
  • ROAS: 37.86
  • Invested: £704 on Google Ads
  • Results: Generated 55 qualified leads
  • Return: Sold £26,655 worth of services

The Challenge

Derry Bros Customs Clearance faced a range of challenges prior to initiating their Google Ads campaign. With limited brand recognition and high customer acquisition costs, they struggled to make a significant impact in a market dominated by established competitors. The complexity of the regulatory environment further compounded their difficulties, creating barriers to effectively reaching and engaging potential customers. Additionally, limited search volumes, language barriers, and a lack of comprehensive customer data made it difficult to target and attract the right audience effectively. Despite these challenges, Derry Bros Customs Clearance sought to differentiate themselves by offering unique services tailored to specific customer needs.

The Solution

To tackle the challenges faced by Derry Bros Customs Clearance, Smart Marketing Group implemented a strategic Google Ads campaign focused on enhancing brand awareness, optimising messaging, and maximising lead quality:

Brand Recognition Campaign: We initiated a display ad campaign featuring Derry Bros Customs Clearance's logo and tailored messaging to boost brand recognition across targeted online platforms.

Keyword Research and Ad Grouping: Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify the most relevant search terms related to customs clearance services. These keywords were then grouped into targeted ad groups, each with customised ad copy that underscored Derry Bros Customs Clearance's unique selling propositions and key benefits.

Targeted User Engagement: Our campaign targeted users actively searching for customs clearance services, focusing on specific locations and search intents. We employed negative keywords to filter out irrelevant searches and used audience targeting features to reach users who had previously interacted with the company's digital properties.

Conversion Optimisation: We regularly optimised the campaign for conversions, directing traffic to a dedicated landing page with clear calls-to-action. Notably, our data analysis revealed a 60% higher conversion rate on weekdays compared to weekends, leading us to strategically halt ads during weekends to enhance ROI.

This comprehensive approach enabled Derry Bros Customs Clearance to overcome their lead generation challenges and significantly increase their market visibility. The strategic use of Google Ads not only improved their brand awareness but also ensured they attracted high-quality leads, crucial for navigating the competitive customs clearance landscape.

The Outcome

This case study demonstrates the powerful synergy between a conversion-optimised website and Google Ads in the import/export sector. With an investment of £704 in Google Ads, the campaign efficiently generated £26,655 in service sales over one month, underscoring the effectiveness of targeted online advertising in enhancing business turnover.

client testimonial

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"Derry Bros Customs Clearance would like to express our sincere gratitude to Josh from Smart Marketing Group for his outstanding work on our Google Ads campaign. Josh's strategic approach, attention to detail, and commitment to achieving our desired results have exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Josh's expertise, our campaign delivered impressive results, including a positive return on investment and a high-quality lead generation. We highly recommend Josh and Smart Marketing Group to any business looking for effective Google ads campaigns."

Colin Robb

Operations Director or Derry Bros Customs Clearance

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