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Client Case Study

Tool Monster

Tool Monster is a pioneering tool retailing service that delivers an unparalleled shopping experience for those seeking dependable tools. With a user-friendly online platform, they eliminate the usual hassles of tool procurement. Their intuitive website design and curated selection ensure that both individuals and professionals can effortlessly find and purchase the tools they need for their projects, making Tool Monster the go-to destination for straightforward and hassle-free tool acquisition.

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Data sample above is reported between 01/09/2023 and 30/09/2023 (1 Month)

The Challenges

Amid rapid expansion and acquisitions, Tool Monster has faced challenges in driving qualified traffic to their website and managing the costs and ROI of Google ad campaigns, straining both time and financial resources. Additionally, continuous monitoring and analysis of these campaigns have proved labour-intensive, and identified knowledge gaps have hindered their ability to maximise online sales, despite their streamlined online retailing service for tools.
Tool Monster has found it challenging to drive adequate & qualified traffic to their website.
Managing the costs and ROI of Google ad campaigns has been a time intensive & financial strain.
Continuous monitoring and analysis to gauge the effectiveness of Google ads efforts has been labour intensive.
Tool Monster, while excelling in providing a streamlined online retailing service for tools, has identified certain knowledge gaps that have hampered their ability to maximise their online sales.
Amidst a phase of rapid expansion and business acquisition, Tool Monster has stretched its resources thin, which has impacted its ability to fully capitalise on online sales opportunities.

Our Solutions

Leveraging Google Ads, we devised tailored solutions to address the challenges faced by Tool Monster during their phase of rapid expansion and business acquisition. Here's how we tackled each issue:

Driving Qualified Traffic:
We conducted thorough keyword research and refined targeting strategies to attract qualified traffic to Tool Monster's website. By focusing on high-intent keywords and utilising geo-targeting, we ensured that the ads reached individuals and professionals actively seeking tool retailing services.

Managing Costs and ROI:
We implemented cost-effective bid strategies and optimised the ad campaigns to ensure a better return on investment (ROI). Continuous monitoring and adjustments were made to maintain a healthy cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA), making the Google Ads campaigns more financially sustainable for Tool Monster.

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis:
Our team provided real-time monitoring and analysis of the Google Ads campaigns to gauge their effectiveness. Through detailed reporting and data-driven insights, we were able to make informed decisions to further optimise the campaigns, reducing the labour previously required from Tool Monster’s team.

Addressing Knowledge Gaps:
We shared our expertise in digital advertising with Tool Monster, filling the knowledge gaps that had previously hampered their ability to maximise online sales. Through educational sessions and collaborative strategy planning, we enhanced their understanding of online marketing practices and how to leverage them for better sales performance.

Capitalising on Online Sales Opportunities:
Despite the limited resources, we maximised online sales opportunities by automating certain aspects of the ad campaigns and utilising the full spectrum of features offered by Google Ads. This included setting up retargeting campaigns to re-engage previous visitors and employing ad extensions to provide additional information and calls-to-action, facilitating a more streamlined shopping experience and ultimately driving more sales.

Through these tailored strategies, we were able to alleviate the challenges faced by Tool Monster, enabling them to effectively capitalise on online sales opportunities and drive growth amidst their rapid expansion phase.

The Outcome

The campaign for Tool Monster demonstrated a significant return on investment, with a total ad spend of £2,300 yielding an actual conversion value of £30,600, and achieving an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of approximately 13.3x. This campaign successfully generated a vast number of impressions, totaling 942,000, and garnered 12,300 clicks, with a click-through rate (CTR) of around 1.3%, indicating effective ad copy and targeting strategies. The average cost-per-click (CPC) stood at a competitive £0.19, reflecting efficient budget utilisation. The substantial conversion value underscores the campaign's effectiveness in not only attracting potential customers but also driving sales, fulfilling the primary campaign objective.
The campaign generated a significant total of 942,000 impressions, showcasing that the ads were displayed to a vast number of potential customers who were actively seeking tool retailing services. This extensive reach suggests a high level of visibility and awareness generated for Tool Monster within the targeted audience segments.
Out of the 942,000 impressions, a total of 12,300 clicks were generated, indicating a solid click-through rate (CTR) of around 1.3%. This CTR demonstrates that the ad copy and targeting strategies employed in the campaign were effective in capturing the attention of potential customers, driving them to engage with the ads.
The campaign exhibited an average cost-per-click (CPC) of £0.19, which is an extremely competitive cost for acquiring interested, quality leads. This low CPC suggests that the campaign was optimised efficiently to reach the desired audience at a very cost-effective rate, making the most of the budget allocated.
With a total ad spend of £2,300, the campaign yielded an actual conversion value of £30,600, resulting in an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of approximately 13.3x. This indicates that for every pound spent on the campaign, Tool Monster generated about £13.30 in sales, showcasing the campaign's substantial success in driving revenue and achieving a high return on investment.
The campaign didn't just stop at generating clicks but converted a substantial number of these clicks into actual sales, as evidenced by the significant conversion value. The effectiveness of the ad copy and targeting strategies used were pivotal in not only attracting potential customers but also compelling them to make a purchase, thus contributing to the high conversion value and achieving the primary goal of driving sales.
Client testimonial

We teamed up with Smart Marketing Group and got to work closely with Josh on our Google Ads campaigns, and man, what a game-changer! Right from the start, it was clear we were working with folks who really know their stuff and are all about getting those results.

Josh was our go-to guy, and he really nailed it with his solid grasp on Google Ads. He got what we were looking to achieve and turned our goals into some killer campaigns that hit the mark.

The numbers say it all. With Josh and Smart Marketing Group steering the ship, we saw a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 13.3x, which gave our online sales a massive boost. We were kept in the loop the whole time with clear updates and a breakdown of how things were going, which we really appreciated.

What we loved about working with Smart Marketing Group and Josh wasn't just their knack for getting results, but the real passion and excitement they brought to the table. It felt like they were part of our crew, riding the ups and downs with us and celebrating the wins.

We'd totally recommend Smart Marketing Group and Josh to any business looking to amp up their digital marketing game. They didn’t just deliver on the results but made the whole process a breeze and a lot of fun. Working with Josh and the team has set a new standard for us when it comes to what we look for in digital marketing partnerships.

Ben Magowan
Sales Director of Tool Monster

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