Smart Marketing Group x La Bella Vita Case Study


Quick Summary

For those who prefer the highlights or are short on time, we've distilled the essence of our case study with La Bella Vita into a brief summary below.
  • Platforms: Website + Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Case Study Duration: One month
  • ROAS: 18.05
  • Invested: £582 on Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Results: Generated 34 bookings
  • Return: Sold £10,505 worth of services

The Challenge

La Bella Vita, a chic hair salon based in Belfast, faced several pressing challenges in a highly competitive local market. Firstly, the salon needed to elevate its brand visibility to stand out amidst numerous competitors offering similar services. Building a distinctive identity was crucial for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. Additionally, La Bella Vita struggled with effectively reaching its target audience online, where most potential clients now seek beauty and wellness services. This was compounded by the salon's limited digital marketing expertise, which hindered their ability to engage effectively on social media platforms and other digital channels. The salon also needed strategies to increase client loyalty and encourage repeat visits, which are vital for sustaining long-term business growth.

The Solution

To enhance La Bella Vita's market position and customer engagement, Smart Marketing Group executed a strategic digital marketing plan tailored to their specific needs:

Meta Campaigns for New and Repeating Customers: We launched two bespoke Meta campaigns. One aimed at attracting new clients, showcasing the unique ambiance and professional services of La Bella Vita to entice first-time visitors. The other campaign targeted existing customers, designed to cultivate loyalty and encourage repeat appointments by promoting exclusive offers and the personalised service that distinguishes La Bella Vita.

Installation of Meta Pixel: To precisely track and optimise our marketing efforts, we installed the Meta Pixel on the La Bella Vita website. This powerful tool facilitates detailed tracking of salon bookings and customer engagement, enabling us to fine-tune our approach for maximum effectiveness.

These targeted initiatives not only significantly increased La Bella Vita’s online presence but also boosted salon bookings, effectively growing their client base and enhancing customer retention.

The Outcome

This case study illustrates the success of integrating targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads with intelligent messaging. An investment of £582 in social media advertising produced £10,505 in service sales over a month, showcasing the effectiveness of strategic ad placements.

client testimonial

Hear directly from our valued client about their experience partnering with us. This testimonial provides insight into the tangible results and personalised service we delivered, highlighting the difference our efforts made to their business success.

"As the owner of La Bella Vita, I am thrilled with our Instagram and Facebook ads campaign results. Our salon faced challenges in reaching new customers beyond our existing client base, and we needed to figure out how to advertise our services to potential customers effectively. However, the team at Smart Marketing Group was able to develop a successful advertising campaign that generated significant results while staying within our advertising budget.

Furthermore, the efficient use of our advertising budget and the high return on investment generated by the campaign were impressive. The fact that we achieved such significant results within our limited budget was a testament to the expertise and creativity of the team.

Overall, I recommend Smart Marketing Group to any business looking to expand its reach and grow its customer base through effective social media advertising. They were able to help us overcome our challenges and achieve success in a highly competitive industry."

Sarah Gallagher

Owner of La Bella Vita

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